Two Arrested for Suspected Night Hunting on Oprah Winfrey’s Land in Maui

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Written By Lori Walker

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Two 19-year-old men were arrested last month on Oprah Winfrey’s property in Maui, Hawaii, for suspected illegal night hunting, state officials said Monday.

The arrests occurred just before midnight on June 21. Officers found the men using a hunting spotlight on a public road within Winfrey’s ranch in Kula, according to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Though the men were not caught actively hunting, officers found a loaded shotgun and rifle in their truck. The road where they were stopped is surrounded by Winfrey’s ranch.

The men were suspected of hunting on private land without permission, not having a hunting license, and other violations. One of the men was also arrested for having an unregistered semi-automatic rifle.

Invasive axis deer are a problem on Maui and other Hawaiian islands.

Maui County prosecutors will review the case to decide if charges will be filed. The men were released pending investigation, county officials said.

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