Three Minors Reported Missing in Chicago

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Written By Lori Walker

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The Chicago Police Department is looking for three missing children, each last seen in different parts of the city. Niomi Baker, 16 years old, was last seen on July 1, 2024, on West 84th Street. She is 5’02” tall, with brown eyes, black hair, and a medium complexion.

Another missing teen is Talia Ortiz, 17 years old, who was last seen on July 5, 2024, on West 57th Street. Talia is 5’09” tall, weighs about 120 pounds, and has a light complexion, brown eyes, and black hair.

The third missing child is Jamyia Milligan, 12 years old, last seen on June 27, 2024, on South Champlain. Jamyia is 5’0″ tall, 210 pounds, with a medium complexion, brown eyes, and black hair. She is known to visit the areas of 71st and Indiana and 79th and Cottage Grove.

Local authorities are urging the community to stay alert and report any sightings or information to the police. These cases highlight the vulnerability of minors in cities and underscore the importance of community awareness for their safety. The Chicago Police Department is actively investigating these disappearances but has not provided further details at this time.

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