Surveillance Footage Traces Riley Strain’s Movements Before Tragedy

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Written By Lori Walker

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Tennessee’s top medical examiner recently shared a detailed report about the passing of 22-year-old Riley Strain, a senior at the University of Missouri. His body was discovered in the Cumberland River in March after he went to a fraternity event in Nashville.

The toxicology report revealed that Strain had a blood alcohol level of .228, which is more than double the legal limit, at the time of his passing. It also showed traces of Delta 9 in his system. The autopsy mentioned signs of pleural effusion and pulmonary edema, along with the presence of caffeine, nicotine, and marijuana in his blood.

The official causes of Strain’s passing were noted as drowning and excessive alcohol consumption, with the manner of his death deemed accidental.

Strain was last seen during a spring formal fraternity event in downtown Nashville on March 8. A friend contacted 911 the next day, sparking a search that lasted several weeks.

Before his body was found, investigators looked at surveillance footage from various bars and businesses in Nashville to trace his movements. His family used social media to raise awareness about his disappearance.

Initially, the search focused on certain areas in Nashville where Strain’s phone had last pinged. Eventually, it shifted to the Cheatham Lock and Dam near Ashland City, where volunteers and his family joined in the search.

Two individuals learned about Strain’s disappearance on TikTok and discovered his credit card near the Cumberland River.

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