Small Plane Crash Sparks Fire in Steamboat Springs Mobile Home Park

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Written By Lori Walker

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A small plane crashed into a mobile home park in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, on Monday, killing the two people on board, a man and a woman. The crash happened at 4:23 p.m. and started a fire that also spread to nearby buildings. Thankfully, no one in the mobile park was killed.

People in the West Acres trailer park were scared when they heard the plane crash and saw the flames. Two kids, Jose Alegria and Beyonce Alegria, described the scary moments after the crash.

“I just heard this explosion. And went outside and I saw flames,” said Jose Alegria.

“And I just hear boom. Everything around us just shakes and there’s screaming. There’s people screaming,” said Beyonce Alegria.

People in the neighborhood rushed to help. Jae Seifert and Mike McGlone tried to help people in the burning homes.

“People were coming out of their houses with fire extinguishers, buckets of water and stuff. I think trying to help,” said Seifert. “We ran up to the two doors of the units of the mobile homes that were on fire, tried to scream inside, seeing if anybody was in there, any pets, anything like that. And tried until we couldn’t stand the heat anymore.”

But the fire was too intense.

“It was too flamed and too hot within fifty feet of any of those structures to get any closer,” said McGlone.

The police set up a call line for worried family members, but everyone in the mobile home park was later confirmed to be safe.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash. The plane had flown from Ogden, Utah, to Longmont, Colorado, before heading to Steamboat Springs.

“We both just looked up and there was a plane in a flat spin,” said Seifert.

“I heard it before it came into sight,” said McGlone. “It was spinning full circles and one of the engines was definitely out.”

This is the third small plane crash in Colorado this month.

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