Shark Attack Near South Padre Island Injures Several on Fourth of July

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Written By Lori Walker

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On the Fourth of July near South Padre Island, Texas, several people were injured by a shark during celebrations.

At least two people were bitten, and one was taken to the hospital for treatment. The incidents involved a single shark, although it’s unclear what kind it was.

One man suffered a severe leg bite and needed hospital care. Another person was bitten, a third grazed, and a fourth injured while trying to fend off the shark, according to Texas game warden captain Chris Dowdy. Paramedics also attended to a woman injured on the beach.

Local authorities responded promptly to reports starting at 11 a.m., with incidents occurring over two hours.

The shark, approximately 6 feet long, was monitored by police using helicopters and drones before it swam away into open water.

Shark attacks are rare, especially in Texas, which sees fewer incidents compared to states like Florida and California.

Experts advise beachgoers to avoid swimming near fish schools, stay close to shore, swim in groups, and be cautious in murky water or during dusk when sharks may be more active.

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