Sean Bennett Sentenced to Five Years for Illegal Gun Possession in Atlantic City

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Written By Lori Walker

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Sean Bennett, 31, was given a five-year prison sentence on June 7 for having a gun illegally, according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. He has to serve at least three-and-a-half years before he can ask for parole.

In August 27, 2023, around 1:31 a.m., an Atlantic City officer was stopped by a man near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Pacific Avenue. The man said another man in an orange hoodie, wearing a mask and carrying a bag, showed a gun to him at a traffic light near the Playground II store.

Police saw Bennett leaving the store and acting suspiciously, trying to hide something in a fenced area. When an officer looked at Bennett, he quickly walked away. Bennett didn’t listen when police told him to raise his arms and he pushed an officer. He then tried to escape but was caught by police.

Bennett fought against arrest but was eventually handcuffed. Police found a 9mm Taurus G3 pistol, a knife, and two ecstasy pills on him.

As part of his punishment, Bennett had to give up his gun.

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