Retired Sheriff’s Deputy Missing in Greece: Foul Play Suspected

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Written By Lori Walker

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The family of a retired California sheriff’s deputy missing in Greece believes foul play may be involved in his disappearance, though the search has been called off. Albert Calibet, who retired in 2018 from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, vanished on June 11 while preparing to travel to the Greek island of Amorgos. He had been visiting the island regularly since 2009.

Authorities in Amorgos reported that Calibet, 59, was last seen heading towards the village of Katapola from the Asphontylite region, wearing Bermuda shorts and a dark shirt. Despite extensive efforts involving helicopters, drones, and local search teams, no trace of him was found on the island.

His brother, Oliver Calibet, expressed concern about possible foul play, citing the lack of evidence and obstacles faced during the search, including challenges from Greek authorities. He also mentioned limited assistance from the U.S. Embassy. The family eventually left Amorgos due to physical strain from extensive searching.

Oliver Calibet thanked the search and rescue teams and donors who supported their efforts, though he remains unsure of their next steps. He noted that they had hoped for a different outcome.

In recent months, two other tourists have also gone missing in Greece. Michael Mosley, a British television presenter, was found dead on Symi island from natural causes after hiking alone in hot weather. Another tourist was found deceased near a beach on Mathraki, with authorities yet to release the person’s identity.

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