Police Arrest 15-Year-Old in Atlantic County Teen Fight Stabbing Incident

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Written By Lori Walker

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A big fight happened in Atlantic County involving about 15 to 20 teenagers. Police said a 15-year-old girl was arrested because they think she stabbed someone multiple times during the fight.

The Pleasantville police went to Whalers Drive on Wednesday to stop the fight. They found out that one person got stabbed multiple times and another teenager got pepper sprayed. This all happened according to a news release from the police on Friday.

The person who got stabbed didn’t have life-threatening injuries, according to the officials.

They identified a 15-year-old girl from Atlantic City as the person they think did the stabbing. She got arrested, but they didn’t say when exactly.

The girl was charged with a crime, but she was let go until she has to go to court, according to the police.

The police are still looking into what happened during the fight. They didn’t answer questions when asked on Saturday.

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