NYU Freshman Accused of Stealing Luxury Items from Wealthy Roommate

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Written By Lori Walker

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A freshman student at New York University is accused of stealing luxury items, like a $23,000 ruby ring, from her wealthy roommate and trying to sell them online.

According to court documents, 18-year-old Kaitlyn Fung allegedly stole expensive items, including brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Bvlgari, from her roommate Aurora Agapov. Agapov, originally from London, is the daughter of Andre Agapov, the CEO and President of Rusoro Mining, which deals with gold mining and mineral properties and reportedly has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Agapov discovered a receipt from luxury consignment retailer The Real Real listing her missing possessions, leading her to suspect Fung. Despite being good friends, Agapov asked Fung to leave their dorm room once she realized her items were missing.

The lawsuit claims Fung sold a $13,000 Bvlgari necklace for $2,485 and a $2,000 Chanel bracelet for $175. Other items like a $23,765 Solange Azagury ruby ring, a $3,300 Celine Nanno tote bag, and a $4,000 Chanel purse were listed for sale but not yet purchased.

Fung was arrested for third-degree grand larceny but released with a pending criminal case. Agapov is seeking $51,000 in damages and the return of any unsold possessions. The Real Real stated they require consignors to confirm the items are not stolen.

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