Man in Black Shirt Sought After Newborn Abandoned in Texas

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Written By Lori Walker

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A man left a newborn baby girl on a trail in Texas. Deputies are looking for him. The baby was found wrapped in a towel. She was taken to the hospital and is okay. The man was seen wearing a black shirt and possibly gray pants.

The baby was found near Greenhouse and N Fry Road in Katy. The man was seen walking on foot on the Plantation Lakes trail. The baby was found on the 5500 block of Casa Martin.

The baby was found by two people walking on the trail with their child and dogs. They saw the man walking away from a white towel and found the baby. They called 911 right away.

The weather was very hot that day, with a high of 95F. The baby could have been in danger if not found quickly.

No one has come forward with information yet. The man could face charges for abandoning the baby.

The police are reminding parents about the Baby Moses law. This law allows parents to leave a newborn baby at a safe place like a hospital or fire station if they can’t care for the baby.

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