Ketamine Dealers Arrested in San Francisco Undercover Sting

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Written By Lori Walker

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On May 30th, undercover police went to an RV parked at 17th and Shotwell streets. They arrested Butera and Pritchard there.

The two were caught selling ketamine to the undercover officer. This sale got them caught, and the police also seized the drug.

Court papers say Butera gave ketamine to Pritchard, who then sold it to the officer.

Pritchard paid the $25,000 bail before going to court. But he didn’t show up for court, so they issued a warrant for his arrest.

The bail money wasn’t enough to make sure he’d come to court.

The San Francisco Police Department worked hard on this case. Their investigation led to these arrests. It shows how tough it is for the city to stop drug dealing.

Butera’s next court date is June 17th. The court sees him as a danger to the public and won’t let him out on bail.

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