Heroic Whippet Runs Four Miles to Save Owner After Oregon Truck Crash

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Written By Lori Walker

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A pet whippet ran four miles to help save his owner after their truck crashed into a ravine in Oregon.

Brandon Garrett’s truck went off an embankment in a thickly wooded area near the Idaho border on June 2 while he was driving with his four dogs.

Garrett’s family had no idea what happened until his whippet, named Blue, reached a friend’s campsite to alert them something was wrong.

Garrett and Blue, who had glass stuck in his snout, were supposed to return to the campsite hours earlier but didn’t show up, reported The New York Times.

Garrett’s brother, Tyree, sounded the alarm, and a search started overnight in bad weather to find the missing 62-year-old.

Officials said Tyree found his brother’s truck the next day in the ravine and called for rescuers.

Baker County Sheriff Travis Ash responded to the scene. While searching for a way to reach the creek, he heard someone yelling for help.

Garrett was found one hundred yards from the vehicle above the creek, where he had crawled to safety.

The sheriff’s department gave him first aid while Pine Valley Rural Fire volunteers and US Forest Service employees used chainsaws to clear a path.

When rescuers reached Garrett, they loaded him in a basket and pulled him out of the ravine using a rope system. He was then airlifted to a regional hospital.

The other three dogs were found alive at the site, though they were injured. One dog had surgery for a broken hip and an injured femur. Another dog had a broken leg in two spots.

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