Hendersonville Man Sentenced to Over 9 Years for Construction Site Theft

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Written By Lori Walker

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The District Attorney’s Office announced that a man from Hendersonville was sentenced to over 9 years in prison for multiple charges, including stealing from a construction site.

Officials said Lafoy Ball Jr. pled guilty to three felony thefts, one additional theft from a construction site, and admitted he is a habitual felon.

Ball Jr. received a prison sentence ranging from a minimum of 110 months (about 9 years) to a maximum of 144 months (about 12 years).

According to court records and the sentencing hearing, Ball admitted to stealing zip boards from a construction site and selling them to someone in South Carolina.

During the hearing, Ball also admitted to being a habitual felon, which means he had three prior felony convictions before committing the current crime.

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