Green-Haired Attacker Brutally Beats Deli Worker in Woodside

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Written By Lori Walker

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A man with green hair bumped into an employee at a deli in Queens and then attacked him very badly, as seen in a shocking video from the store’s security cameras.

The victim, who was badly bruised, lost consciousness and suffered serious injuries like a broken nose and internal bleeding. This happened at the Sunnyside Mini Market Deli in Woodside around 11:20 p.m. on Monday.

The video shows two men walking in the store. One of them, wearing black with green hair, accidentally bumps into an employee standing at the counter. They argue, and then the man with green hair turns around and starts hitting the employee’s head hard, knocking him down. He then kicks the helpless worker in the face multiple times, even after the worker is knocked out cold.

After attacking the worker, the man with green hair yells at others in the store and leaves.

The injured deli worker, a 62-year-old man named Abdul, was taken to Elmhurst Hospital. A coworker who visited him in the hospital said Abdul’s face was so swollen that he was unrecognizable. Abdul doesn’t remember the attack and was confused about what happened to him.

The coworker mentioned seeing the suspect around the neighborhood a few times but no arrests have been made yet.

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