Georgia Deputy Shoots Child in Attempted Car Theft Incident

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Written By Lori Walker

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A child got shot when a deputy fired a gun at a car in a gas station. Here’s what happened: The deputy was aiming at a person trying to steal a BMW from another driver. This all went down on Monday morning at a BP gas station near Interstate 20. It started when someone named Roshauny Mike Palmer got away from a police car in Dallas the night before.

Then, a deputy from Douglas County saw Palmer driving a Dodge Charger on I-20. The deputy did something called a PIT maneuver to stop Palmer’s car. Palmer crashed into a big truck and ran off to the gas station nearby.

At the gas station, Palmer tried to take the BMW from its owner while they were filling up. The deputy shot at the car, hitting a little girl who was sitting in the backseat with two adults. The girl is in the hospital getting treated for her injuries, but we don’t know how she’s doing yet. They haven’t said who the deputy is.

Palmer is in big trouble with the police from Dallas, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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