Former Brazilian President Bolsonaro Faces Embezzlement Charges for $1.2M Jewelry Theft

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Written By Lori Walker

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Brazil’s Federal Police claim former President Jair Bolsonaro stole jewelry worth 6.8 million Brazilian reals (about $1.2 million) while in office, according to a report released by the Supreme Court.

Bolsonaro, who governed from 2019 to 2022 before losing to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, faces charges of embezzlement, money laundering, and criminal association related to luxury gifts from Saudi Arabia.

The investigation has intensified scrutiny on Bolsonaro, who has been stripped of his political rights until 2030.

The police report alleges a criminal network was involved in stealing high-value gifts received by Bolsonaro during his presidency. These gifts included diamond-studded Rolex and Patek Philippe watches, a necklace, rings, and cufflinks, given to government officials on Bolsonaro’s behalf during international trips.

Despite the indictment, Bolsonaro has not publicly commented but has previously denied any wrongdoing involving the jewelry.

Brazil’s prosecutor-general will review the police report to determine whether to press charges and proceed to trial against the former president.

The investigation also revealed that Bolsonaro’s family received proceeds from the illegal sale of the jewelry, which were concealed outside Brazil’s banking system.

This discovery has further complicated Bolsonaro’s legal situation, which includes other ongoing investigations into his actions, including allegations of falsifying a COVID-19 vaccination certificate and possible involvement in a 2023 uprising in Brasilia.

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