Daniel C. Hyden Faces Charges After Fatal July 4th Crash in NYC Park

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Written By Lori Walker

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The driver of a pickup truck that crashed into a group of people celebrating the Fourth of July in a New York City park was identified as Daniel C. Hyden, 44, from Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. He worked as a substance abuse counselor and had written a book on helping others with addiction. The incident at Corlears Hook Park in Manhattan left three people dead and eight injured, one critically.

New York City police charged Hyden with multiple offenses including assault, vehicular homicide, driving while intoxicated, and driving with a suspended license. Hyden had a history of counseling and had recently been working in residential treatment programs in Manhattan.

He authored a book in 2020 titled “The Sober Addict: A Guide on How to Be Functional With the Dysfunctional Disease of Addiction.” His Amazon biography highlighted his mission to assist addicts in achieving long-term recovery.

Authorities identified two of the deceased as Lucille Pinkney, 59, and Hernan Pinkney, 38. The third victim, a woman, was not named. Among the injured were an 11-year-old boy and seven others with varying degrees of injury.

First responders found the pickup truck atop several victims when they arrived at the scene. Locals helped prevent Hyden from leaving until emergency personnel arrived. Hyden, who sustained head and facial injuries, was arrested at the scene and refused all testing despite suspicion of impairment.

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