Crime Hotspots: A Look at Texas’ Most Dangerous Cities in 2024

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Written By Lori Walker

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In 2024, Texas faces significant safety challenges, particularly in its cities with high crime rates like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Authorities are intensifying efforts to improve safety through community policing and technology such as surveillance cameras. Texans prioritize home security with robust systems to protect against crime. Addressing these challenges requires awareness and proactive measures.

Among the most dangerous cities in Texas:


Known for its oil industry and cowboy culture, Odessa struggles with high crime rates exacerbated by proximity to drug trafficking routes. Efforts include funding for drug prevention and community programs.


Despite its vibrant student community at Texas Tech University, Lubbock faces persistent crime issues, especially drug abuse and property crimes. Increased police presence and neighborhood watch programs aim to enhance safety.


Located near the Texas-Louisiana border, Beaumont grapples with elevated property crime rates due to economic hardships. Initiatives focus on community policing and youth programs to prevent crime.


As the fourth-largest city in the U.S., Houston deals with diverse crime challenges, including violent crime and drug trafficking. Law enforcement strategies involve increased patrols and community partnerships to address these issues.

San Antonio:

Known for its historic landmarks and River Walk, San Antonio tackles crime linked to economic disparities and gang violence through community policing and youth intervention programs.


Situated in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo faces serious crime issues related to violent and property offenses, exacerbated by its proximity to drug trafficking routes. Community involvement and law enforcement cooperation are crucial in combating crime.

Efforts across these cities aim to foster safer communities and improve quality of life despite ongoing crime concerns.

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