Coolest Underground Attractions in California

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Written By Moses Bates

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California boasts more than just its famous sunny beaches and majestic mountains; it’s also home to captivating underground wonders waiting to be explored. From hidden caves to historic tunnels, the Golden State offers a trove of subterranean attractions that promise adventure and intrigue. Let’s delve into some of California’s coolest underground marvels and discover why they deserve a spot on your must-visit list.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Nestled in Fresno lies one of California’s most extraordinary underground treasures: the Forestiere Underground Gardens. Crafted over four decades by Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere, this sprawling 10-acre subterranean sanctuary enchants visitors with its intricate network of tunnels, chambers, and sunlit skylights. Wander among century-old fruit trees and lush vegetation as you embark on a guided tour, immersing yourself in the rich history and visionary ingenuity behind this hidden oasis.

Subway Cave and Lava Tubes

For the adventurous souls seeking natural wonders, look no further than the Subway Cave and Lava Tubes in Lassen National Forest. Carved by ancient volcanic eruptions, the quarter-mile-long Subway Cave invites exploration through its dark, cool passages, while the smaller, more challenging Lava Tubes promise an exhilarating journey with proper gear. Discover the geological marvels of California’s past as you traverse these captivating underground formations, free for all to explore.

Old Sacramento Underground Tours

Delve into the captivating history of California with the Old Sacramento Underground Tours, courtesy of the Sacramento History Museum. Descend beneath the bustling streets of Old Sacramento to uncover the city’s original foundations and artifacts from the 19th century.

Engage in fascinating tales of yesteryear’s inhabitants as you stroll through this subterranean time capsule, suitable for history buffs of all ages. Book your immersive journey from April to December and unearth the hidden stories of Sacramento’s vibrant past.

Marfa Prada

Venture into the desert landscape near Marfa to encounter an unexpected juxtaposition: the Marfa Prada. Standing as a replica of the famed luxury store, this installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset offers a thought-provoking commentary on consumerism and fashion.

While the store itself remains non-functional, it serves as a captivating sculpture adorned with genuine Prada goods, beckoning travelers to ponder its meaning amidst the desert expanse. Explore this iconic art piece 24/7, free of charge, and capture a snapshot of contemporary culture in an unconventional setting.

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre

Experience the thrill of avant-garde theater at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood. Prepare for an evening of progressive and provocative performances ranging from horror to comedy, all staged in an intimate setting that brings you closer to the action.

While not for the faint of heart, these live shows challenge conventional norms and leave an indelible mark on audiences. Reserve your tickets for weekend performances and immerse yourself in an unforgettable underground theatrical experience.


Discover a different side of California’s allure with its array of underground attractions, each offering a unique glimpse into the state’s hidden wonders. Whether you’re exploring the verdant depths of Forestiere Underground Gardens or contemplating art amidst the desert at Marfa Prada, these subterranean marvels promise to elevate your California journey, leaving you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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