16-Year-Old Arrested for Manhattan Double Murder, Victims Remembered as Kind

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Written By Lori Walker

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A young person was arrested for a shooting in Manhattan that killed two men, including a popular worker at a pizza place known as a really nice person.

The US Marshals Service caught the 16-year-old suspected shooter, who doesn’t have a criminal record, in an apartment complex in the Bronx. He’s been charged with two counts of second-degree murder and two weapons charges.

It’s not clear why the shooting happened or if the shooter knew the victims. The two men who died, Alejandro Ramirez and James Michael, were shot late Sunday night in Inwood. Despite emergency workers trying to save them, both men passed away.

People in the community are saddened by Ramirez’s death. They remember him as the friendly guy at Johnny’s Pizza who would give food to anyone who needed it, regardless of whether they could pay. Some even talked about moving away because they feel the neighborhood is becoming too dangerous.

Many teenagers shared stories about Ramirez being kind and giving them pizza when they didn’t have money. A store owner called Diego mentioned how Ramirez would buy drinks for the pizza place workers, even though he didn’t drink himself.

The workers at the pizza place posted on Facebook mourning Ramirez’s death, describing him as a great man and a loving friend and father. They started a fundraiser to help his family with burial costs, and it’s received a lot of support from the community.

Neighbors of the suspected shooter say the apartment complex where he was arrested is usually quiet. But people in the community are angry and believe he should be treated like an adult in court because of what he did. They feel the violence among young people needs to be stopped.

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